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Polycast Productions – Concertgebouw Amsterdam

An Introduction
Polycast specialises in high quality video and audio productions, ranging from promo recordings and simple webcasts to live international broadcasts and fully post-produced HD and UHD/HDR productions. By utilising the newest technology, including our own custom-developed hardware and software solutions, we can deliver top-quality results at a reasonable price for small and large productions.

Our clients include The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, The Concertgebouw, Unitel Classica, Mezzo, BravaHD, AVROTROS, NTR, as well as many small ensembles and individual performers.

The Concertgebouw Amsterdam
The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam is host to more than 800 concerts per year and is one of the great concert halls of the world. Polycast installed a permanent video studio in the Concertgebouw in 2011, with a direct link to the audio studio. Audio and video recordings are possible in all Concertgebouw halls.

Since its founding in 2011, Polycast has broadcast, streamed, and recorded hundreds of Concertgebouw productions.

Our Team
The most important ingredient for a successful production is a great team. Music is our speciality. We know how to follow the action of the music and are familiar with the score so that we can focus our cameras on the most important musical moments. In this way the video recording becomes a true reflection of the concert experience.

Polycast works with well-known directors and camera operators. Most productions have a team of two to ten people, assembled according to the needs of the project and in consultation with the client. We can also provide a complete audio and video package, including audio and video post-production, titles, colour correction, and broadcast-ready masters.

State-of-the art & discreet
Polycast utilises the latest HD and UHD/HDR equipment for our productions. Many of our cameras are remote-controlled, placed so as not to disturb the audience or musicians, while providing state-of-the-art quality. Manned cameras can be used with a dolly (enabling smooth on-camera movements, both horizontal and vertical ), on a crane (for “floating” movements), or with long telephoto zooms (for close ups from the back of the hall). Hand-held cameras are also possible, including the use of stabilizers/gimbals and wireless video transmission.

Live Streaming
Our Concertgebouw studios are equipped with reliable fiber internet connections and dedicated streaming equipment for live webcasts to Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, or other platforms. Links can be made for embedding content within a website.

Live Broadcasts
The Concertgebouw has a dedicated fiber connection to the Hilversum broadcast hub, providing transmission of two simultaneous HD video feeds and sixteen channels of audio, plus return channels. Red Bee in Hilversum can provide satellite connections for worldwide live broadcasts.

Polycast also has a fully-equipped mobile studio. This custom-designed set can be built up at any location. This mobile studio is suitable for every situation, from a simple recording to a larger live production.

A few recent Polycast productions:

Vienna Philharmonic/ Mehta/Argerich (Musikverein, Vienna)
Koningsnacht Concertgebouw with Pynarello and Froukje (The Concertgebouw)
Concertgebouworkest/Klaus Mäkelä, conductor – Kerstmatinee 2023 (The Concertgebouw)
Rotterdam Philharmonic (De Doelen, Rotterdam)
Luxembourg Philharmonic/Gustavo Gimeno (Luxembourg City)
Orkest van de Achttiende Eeuw, Così fan Tutte (Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht)
Amsterdam Sinfonietta, Arthur & Lucas Jussen (The Concertgebouw)
Jean-Yves Thibaudet, piano (The Concertgebouw)
Vienna Philharmonic, Christian Thielemann (Salzburg Festival)
Classic Hip Hop: Tribute to the Fugees (The Concertgebouw)

Example Prices
Polycast provides a customised cost estimate for each project. For an idea of the costs, here are some examples of concert recording packages we can provide at the Concertgebouw: link

We provide a cost overview per project, based on the needs and budgets of each project. We can offer a video recording for as little as €1300 per concert.

Please contact for specific cost estimates or any questions.

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